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La Quinta Real Estate Projections

La Quinta Real Estate Projections 2015

A resort city, La Quinta was noted as one of the fastest growing cities in the country. This is driven significantly by the fact that the area is home to a number of top-notch, award-winning golf courses and their highly desirable communities. Because the region also includes plenty of social, cultural and recreational opportunities for you to enjoy, 2015 is a prime time to purchase La Quinta real estate, such as a getaway home or retirement retreat.

Continued Growth is Expected

The real estate market showed promising signs of growth during 2014 and this upward trend is expected to continue during 2015. In fact, projections show that sales of existing homes could increase as much as eight percent. This is partly attributed to the continued availability of prime real estate offerings in highly desirable locations that come complete with many of the most requested amenities. In addition, many home buyers in the market today believe that an increase in both housing prices and interest rates is imminent which is predicted to fuel further growth.

Housing Prices will Remain Flat

Expect to see the prices of existing homes to remain steady with only slight increases of about four to five percent over the course of 2015. This means you can continue to get significantly more house for your dollar compared to just a few short years ago. 2015 marks a fantastic year to take the leap and purchase that vacation home you have always wanted. However, it is important to not let this home buying opportunity slip past you as home prices are expected to continue to rise slowly over the course of the coming months.

Interest Rates will Climb Slowly

This year is a fabulous year to retire to Coachella Valley and find your perfect retiree home. Even though interest rates have remained low for the past few years, you can expect that trend to change — albeit slowly. The Federal Reserve Bank traditionally increases its target rate by the end of the year. This means that by mid 2015, the projected interest rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage will likely be about five percent. While this rate is still quite low, it is a barometer for what is to come in the coming years and ultimately makes your home buying dollars less productive. The moral of this story: close on your chosen piece of La Quinta real estate sooner rather than later during 2015, if at all possible.

Competition May Increase

According to projections, those people that fall within the same segment of the population as yourself will be the very ones who are looking hardest at La Quinta real estate during 2015. As people reach retirement age or decide that they are ready to scour the market for a vacation home, Coachella Valley looks quite attractive. With the region’s stellar climate and proximity to many cultural amenities, recreational facilities and entertainment options, you can expect to find more competition for those homes that meet your needs as the year unfolds. Putting your real estate needs in motion now helps to significantly increase the likelihood that you will be able to purchase the home of your dreams.

It’s no secret that the real estate market has taken a hit these past few years. After all, this segment of the economy was one of the impetuses behind its nosedive. Things have slowly started to turn around for the economy in general, though, and this has been largely fueled by an uptick in the housing market. In fact, 2015 looks to be a banner year in the La Quinta real estate market, brimming with opportunities that you do not want to miss.

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Voted the Best Place to Retire in the US

Voted Best Place to Retire in the US

The Coachella Valley, which consists of numerous resort style destinations such as Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, and Indio, has become one of the best places to retire in the United States. It attracts people from all over the world due to its picturesque landscape, rich culture, great restaurants, and diverse communities.It is no surprise to the valley locals why this little desert haven was voted to be the best place to retire in the US, but just in case you are unfamiliar with the area or are considering relocating, here is a rundown of some of Coachella Valley’s best features.

1. Sun, Sun, and More Sun!

The weather is one of the many reasons people move to the area. With extremely mild winters and literally just about 365 days of sun, give or take a few stormy days here and there, the Coachella Valley weather is pretty much consistent. Summers are extremely hot but it’s a dry heat that is tolerable as long as you stay indoors during the months of July to September. If you’re like many of the snow-birds (seasonal residents), you run off to Canada or other cooler regions during the worst part of the summer and return in the fall when the weather is absolutely perfect.

2. Enjoy the rich valley landscapes.

The beautiful landscape itself sells the area to many people. Imagine picturesque desert valleys surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains, vast green landscapes that double as lush green golf courses, and streets lined with the tallest palm trees – it doesn’t get any better (and calming) than this.

3. Play golf among its luxurious greens.

Golf is not just a sport or pastime in this desert region – it’s a way of life. With some of the most beautiful courses and prestigious clubs in the US, Coachella Valley is a golfers’ paradise. With exclusive country clubs and luxury homes built directly on the course, residents can just step right outside their doors onto the greens.For an unparalleled golfing experience like no other, do check out courses such as the Indian Wells Golf Resort, the Silver Rock Resort and the TPC Stadium Course at PGA West in La Quinta, the Desert Willow Golf Resort in Palm Desert, and the Marriott’s Shadow Ridge Golf Club in the Palm Desert.

4. Live where the stars come out to play.

Known as the “Playground of the Stars,” famous celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Sonny Bono, and Gerald Ford put Palm Springs on the map. Now, a new crowd of young celebrities calls the desert home, with the likes of Leonardo di Caprio who just bought his own home in the area.

5. The Coachella Valley is rich in culture and arts.

The valley has always been a very popular tourist attraction, but even more so now with major music, film, and art events happening in the area. A great example of this would be the Coachella Music Festival which is a two-weekend event held every April in Indio. This festival usually showcases popular and established musical acts, as well as emerging artists who make it into the limelight. This musical event is one of the largest and the most famous music festival in the world.

6. Desert Real Estate

Should you decide to relocate to the area, there are a lot of real estate options to choose from. There is literally something for every family and budget – gated communities, country clubs, single family homes, rentals, condos, vacation homes, senior living properties, and luxury estates.

7. Community Stats

The low crime rates, excellent healthcare, and proximity to beach cities make the Coachella Valley an ideal place for seniors and retiring baby boomers to live. There is always something new to look forward to in the area due to the non-stop development of different infrastructures. The local economy is also driven by tourism, as a lot of tourists like to visit the valley for a weekend vacation.Everybody wants to live, or retire, in a peaceful yet active environment. Taking into account all the great features of the desert, there is no doubt why Coachella Valley has been Voted the Best Place to Retire in the US.

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