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Truly Authentic Italian Cuisine

Trattoria.  Recently I wrote about the different types of Italian Restaurants
and how the restaurants name usually defines the restaurants style and

Last week I had the opportunity to be in Boston to attend a Red Sox
game at Fenway Park.  This was after we had visited our ancestral
city of Manchester New Hampshire a place we had not been for 40 years.
While in Boston I could not resist a trip to the “North End” home of
some of this countries best Italian restaurants, an area I had frequented
while living in the Boston area in the mid 60’s.

348sAll that said, I want to tell you about one of the most authentic and unusual
restaurants anywhere.  Trattoria Il Panino, specializing in Mediterranean
Cuisine of the Amalfi Coast, Italy.  Panino’s, a small restaurant serving
lunch and dinner.  Since our time was limited we decided to be there for lunch.
Friends, Vinnie and Rose LaBonia, from New Haven Connecticut came up
to Boston on the train and we meet for lunch.  Everything on the menu
is awesome with each dish served fresh, i.e., prepared on the spot.  Now
the unusual way the pasta dishes are served is what is special.  Each
pasta dish is served to you in the sauce pan it was prepared in.  That’s
right, not on a dish, the actual sauce pan the pasta and sauce choice was
prepared in comes from the fire and placed before you.  All Pasta and meat or
fish dishes are all prepared individually and served the same way.  Such a treat.

Any trip to Boston has to include a stop at Panino’s.  Don’t expect much
in terms of atmosphere or grandeur, just truly authentic Italian cuisine.


Best Regards,SAL PUGLISI
California Lifestyle Realty