About Sal

I’m a California native and relocated to La Quinta in 1986. Since then, I’ve been a homeowner and resident at PGA West, the 2,000 acre golf and lifestyle community with views of the Santa Rosa Mountains. PGA West is home to 109 holes of golf on six courses and three clubhouses.

I’ve been involved with real estate for decades. I began my real estate career as a property manager. That experience helps me to be a better agent. It allows me to provide insights to my clients. I can detect and identify assets and concerns with a property due to my long career in real estate.

I love working with families and individuals and helping them buy or sell a home. A home is, of course, a very personal thing. It’s important to work with someone you trust. I want my clients to always know that I will do what I said I was going to do.

As a buyer’s agent, I’ll work to negotiate the best outcome and ensure you are aware of any issues. As a seller’s agent, I’ll help you prepare and price your property optimally to ensure a quick sell at a great price.

What Makes a Good Agent?

There are several attributes that the best real estate agents have. These characteristics are part of everything they do. These traits are inherent in every interaction they have with clients, homeowners and friends. I’ve been part of my community for many years, and my reputation means everything to me. I wanted to share with you the qualities that every good agent should have, and why they’re critical to an agent client relationship.


Real estate is time sensitive. In a hot market, minutes are the same as hours. That’s why I’m always available to my clients. You’re going to hear from me through every step. Consistent and quality communication is the foundation of any great relationship. I’ll keep you informed of buyer feedback on your listing or a new property just listed, that I think you’ll like.

Many home buyers and sellers get frustrated with a lack of communication. That just won’t’ happen with me. In the modern world, communication is at the tip of our fingers. If you have questions or you need help, I’m here.

Being Proactive

You must be proactive in real estate. Being reactive won’t benefit the client. Selling a home is a lot more than putting a sign in the yard. Finding you your dream home won’t happen if I don’t know the newest listings and get them in front of you first. That’s my job. I’m working for you; not the other way around.


Along with communication is listening to what you have to say. I want to know what’s important to you. Because that’s what matters. I’ll ask the question then listen to what you want and need. By listening to you and combining that with my experience and expertise, I can better serve you.

Understanding Your Motivations

With great communication and listening, I’ll be able to understand your motivations. Knowing why you want to sell or buy helps me identify what this experience needs to be for you. You may be motivated to sell because you are ready to retire, or you may be motivated to buy in a certain neighborhood like PGA West because you love the lifestyle. Appreciating your motivations creates a better working relationship, and we can be on the same page.