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Why Real Estate in La Quinta is Hot All Year Long?

You would think our temperatures would be on the uncomfortable side by now with summer on the horizon. On the contrary, we are having some of the best weather at this time of year than we have experienced in a long time. Let’s enjoy it while we can. Let me bring you up to date on what’s happening around our beautiful communities.

With so much going on around La Quinta and this end of the Valley, why would anyone want to be anywhere else? Think of it, in January we had the Desert Classic PGA tournament with large crowds. February had the exciting Modernism week with an 11-day celebration. March brought the BNP Tennis Tournament at the Tennis Gardens’ magnificent stadium.

The music festival season is well beyond us now with Coachella’s annual festival running in mid-April. The good news is, the traffic around the neighborhoods in La Quinta during these festivals seemed to be better organized this year. But, I can’t say the same for the freeways coming into and leaving Los Angeles and the surrounds. They were still a mess, especially returning to LA.

Not to be overlooked, the annual Tequila & Taco Fiesta took place in May, and the Queen Palm film festival takes place in the middle of July. See some of the best Indy film premiers with your family! Make it a night out with your neighbors and friends.

Fall in La Quinta brings a jazz festival during the first week in October where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a friendly atmosphere with great music. Bring the kids and take part in Howl-O-Ween during the last week in October by the Living Desert. There are mazes, games, treat stations, costume parties, and so much more!

The holidays are a special time in La Quinta and the surrounding communities. You’ll be able to enjoy holiday lights, Christmas-themed events, parades, parties, and more in a cozy atmosphere that you can only get in tight-knit communities.

La Quinta’s Thriving Real Estate Market

You probably thought I would never get to Real Estate. Real Estate in and around La Quinta is alive and well. We do not have as much Inventory for sales as we’d like due to high demand, but it seems people want to stay here more and more. Many are remodeling their homes and staying, or they’re moving up or down. Some are choosing to stay put right where they are. Home sales are up over last year, and this brought prices up slightly as well.

Often people interested in selling their homes ask, “Should I wait for next season?” My response is simple, “Now, is as good as any to sell or buy.”  There is no magic time. Buyers start coming around looking for property to buy expecting to complete the process to enjoy the next season. It generally takes three to six months from the time a buyer begins their search until they find the home they want and close the escrow. Do the math. Now is as good as any.

If your interest is in buying or selling, now is the time to start a dialogue. Find an agent whom you are comfortable with, one you trust, and one who knows the area and the market. I would like to be that person for you. Knowledge is power when it comes to making property decisions. I have that knowledge of the area and experience to negotiate the best results for my clients.

I invite you to get in touch with my office today. I’m happy to sit down and talk with you, whether you want to buy or sell in and around La Quinta.